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Why Not Give Stripes A Go?

Why Not Give Stripes A Go?

I love this colourful stripe dress from sandwich clothing, with the knot detail giving it an extra twist, but most people think they can't do stripes, especially horizontal ones, well we all want to look leaner and taller, horizontal stripes well they just make us look wider don't they? 

Not if you get the correct  outfit where the stripes fall in the right place,  we can't change our shape quickly but clothes and in particlar stripes can actual make you look and feel like your shape has changed, so here are a few tips.

First decide which part of your body you want to minimise and which part you want to enhance, for instance if you have a fuller figure on top , with slim hips, try something like this Black and white stripe dress from sandwich clothing, the vertical stripe to the top will draw a persons eye down to your waist line, where the horizontal stripe to the lower half will make your hips apear fuller.

Or try this stripe maxi skirt from sandwich clothing, with a plain tee and maybe a lovely Rose cardi to add a splash of colour, the stripes to the bottom will enhance your lower half but the plain top half will give a minimising look.

If you have narrow shoulders  this stripe and spot tee from sandwich clothing will help to broaden your shoulder area, you see mixing stripes with spots or colour also helps , the size of the stripe is also important, thin stripes in general minimise where a thicker stripe will enhance, there is something for all, so you really can do stripes, just dont be afraid to try.


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